The recycled wetsuit workout mat

We want to connect fitness and surfing more closely and give our beloved sport more sustainable character. We therefore develop a yoga mat from your old wetsuit that is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.





There are 4.5 million surfers in Europe. If each of them has 2-3 old wetsuits flying around at home, that would be between 9 and 13 million old, unused wetsuits only in Europe .

A wetsuit is not biodegradable. While we already have a new one, the number of unused wetsuits continues to increase. That is why we want to give your wetsuit a new life by pressing it into a yoga mat and thus bringing it into a closed loop system in which no resources get lost.

We produce the mat in Germany and thus guarantee fair working conditions and short transportation routes.

In the future, we not only want to support ecological, but also social sustainability by working with people with disabilities .